Membrane Meniscus Method

Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Membrane Meniscus Method Mean?

The membrane meniscus design is a powerless hydroponic growth method that does not require a medium, air pump, or water pump. It has the ability to yield large crops in a relatively small space. The method helps ensure that plants undergo phenomenal growth rates.

The membrane meniscus method utilizes a buffer mat with an attached slow inlet that allows nutrients to flow through the inlet and drip slowly into the side of a tray onto a mat that is situated at the base of the tray. The flow of the nutrients is obtained through gravity.


Maximum Yield Explains Membrane Meniscus Method

In the membrane meniscus method of hydroponics, first mastered in Australia, plants are suspended in a fabric membrane and placed above the buffer mat. The tops of the plants are covered with lightweight plastic that features holes that allow the plants' top growth to shoot up and through the plastic. The mat in the tray beneath the plants absorbs the nutrients and moisture allowing it to flow vertically upwards to the roots of the plants.

With the membrane meniscus design, the roots of the plant develop across and through the fabric mat. Capillary action helps the roots draw up the nutrients. The roots of the plant are not in the confines of any medium but simply growing in the fresh air. This provides the roots with an abundant amount of oxygen. The slow drip of the inlet and the thin trail of nutrient laced water absorbs oxygen to provide a non-stop supply of oxygen-rich nutrients to the plant roots. The increased oxygen also encourages the plant's system to more successfully absorb nutrients.

Any nutrients that are not absorbed flow back out of the mat to be reused. Because the membrane meniscus design requires no mechanical apparatus to operate, there is no worry about anything breaking down. The entire system is relatively low maintenance and easy to utilize.


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