Oasis Cubes

Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Oasis Cubes Mean?

Oasis Cubes are a commercially available solution for starting cuttings and seeds, and for growing plants in an indoor setting. They are made of foam, and are completely inert, which means they have no impact on an environment's pH.

Oasis Cubes, or more properly, cubes made from Oasis foam or Oasis Horticubes, are designed to provide a soilless growing medium for plant roots that is capable of supplying water steadily, without affecting the pH of the growing environment. In appearance, they are similar to rockwool cubes, but they are made of a different material.


Maximum Yield Explains Oasis Cubes

Oasis Cubes have no effect on pH. They are also completely sterile, so no sterilization is needed before use. Oasis Cubes are pre-drilled and come with either top grooves, or both top and bottom grooves. Single dibble and multi-dibble options are also available. Note that multi-dibble sheets are better suited for use with pelleted seeds, due to the greater amount of space. Also note that these cubes contain no fertilizer, which allows the grower complete control over plant nutrition.

All cubes arrive in sheets, and the grower simply needs to insert seeds or root cuttings into each pre-drilled hole. Then, the entire sheet can be watered (even partially submerged if so desired). When the plants reach optimal height for transplantation, individual cubes can be cut from the sheet, and the plant can be transplanted, cube and all.

Oasis Cubes offer several important benefits. Capillary action through the foam ensures a constant supply of water for plant roots and seeds. However, the lower density of the foam keeps the top of the cube sheet drier, which helps to combat the growth of algae. Low density also equates to greater porosity, which means that more air reaches plant roots than with other growing mediums.


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