Definition - What does Cross-pollinate mean?

To cross-pollinate, pollen must be transferred from the stamen of one plant to the stigma of another plant. This process allows fertilization to occur and can help to create a healthier and more varied plant species. This process can only occur between plants of the same species or variety.

This process may also be known as cross-fertilization.

MaximumYield explains Cross-pollinate

When a plant is cross-pollinated, its offspring will have characteristics from the original plants. This is particularly important as this process can help create more genetically diverse plants that are more resistant to disease.

The two most common ways that cross-pollination occurs is through the transfer of pollen by insects or by the wind. Bees, for example, collect pollen on their bodies from one flower and transfer it to another flower as they fly from plant to plant. However, humans can also cross-pollinate a plant to create a special plant hybrid.

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