Hydroponic Pods

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Hydroponic Pods Mean?

Hydroponic pods, also called grow pods, are compact hydroponic garden systems that let people grow vegetables and plants indoors even if they live in an apartment setting.

The pods allow indoor gardening to take place on a small scale, without the need for a greenhouse, grow tent, or elaborate growroom. Hydroponic pods vary in size from petite, tabletop units to large closets or cabinet-sized pods that can easily accommodate bushy and tall plants.

Some hydroponic pods are also airtight to contain the often pungent smell of growing plants. The more sophisticated systems provide temperature and humidity controls, grow lights, filtration, and automatic-nutrient dispensing systems. Some models are controlled by remote controls and others even allow the cultivar to utilize their smartphone to monitor and change settings.


Maximum Yield Explains Hydroponic Pods

Commercially available hydroponic pods can be elaborate or simple. The user has to determine what they will be growing within the grow environment of the hydroponic pod to decide what system works best. Small tabletop models allow growers to grow favorite kitchen herbs, larger models allow vegetable cultivation, and deluxe models have all the necessary tools to cultivate larger trees.

Hydroponic pods are relatively simple to use. Plants are not grown in messy soil but instead utilize nutrient-rich water and/or another medium. The cultivator plugs the unit into any electrical outlet or installs batteries. Some pods provide both battery and electrical options so power remains functioning even during a power outage.

When growing plants in hydroponic pods, the grower does not need to worry about watering applications because the system recirculates its given supply.


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