Definition - What does Crenate mean?

In botany, crenate refers to a leaf displaying scalloped margins. Plants such as Ground Ivy and Golden Ragwort have crenate leaves with rounded, jagged teeth alongside their margins. These leaves normally appear during early spring or winter before the plants reproduce. Crenate leaves also tend have acute and sharper angles.

MaximumYield explains Crenate

Unlike dentate or serrate leaves, crenate leaves have obtuse teeth that don't necessarily point towards a particular end. They tend to be more crimped and are corrugated alongside the leaf margin. The orchid cactus is a popular crenate houseplant since it is easy to look after. This crenate grows with a relatively quick speed and thrives when treated with compost rich in moisture and hummus.

It is preferable to keep some plants with crenate leaves at more than 50°F in the winter. Since they do not necessarily require direct sunlight, they can also be grown in semi-shady conditions.

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