Lighting Control Box

Last updated: February 19, 2019

What Does Lighting Control Box Mean?

A lighting control box controls indoor grow lights to provide adequate artificial sunlight for plants. It has been designed to handle the power loads of grow lights on a daily basis.

Utilizing a lighting control box allows a grower to turn off and on multiple lighting units throughout the day or night and for varying lengths of time. The lighting control box provides the ability for any grower to fully automate small indoor grow rooms, large sprawling facilities, greenhouses, or hydroponic growing spaces. The box runs designated and pre-set programs throughout the day, week, or month to generate the perfect atmospheric growing environment. It also offers safety features such as circuit breakers to protect against power overloads.

In addition, most lighting control boxes have a high-power relay to let the power cycle on and off. All components that the lighting control box needs to run the grow lights are housed in a plastic, steel, or metal enclosure that is waterproof and sealed to keep out humidity and protect against corrosion.


Maximum Yield Explains Lighting Control Box

In order for a grower to create a natural environment indoors where plants can thrive, they must recreate the plant’s natural outdoor growing location. This means that the plants must receive artificial light rays from timed grow lights at designated times throughout the day for very specific blocks of time to replicate sunlight. Most lighting control boxes let a grower switch between multiple lights that have from 120V to 240V input power.

Depending on the unit, a lighting control box can typically accept both horizontal and vertical flat prongs. Small lighting control boxes have two outlets, but large units may boast 20 or more outlets. One of the major benefits to using a lighting control box is that a grower will utilize half as many lighting ballasts, which saves on electricity usage. The grower can also safely power numerous grow lights with little to no fear of a possible fire when properly hooked up and functioning.


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