Gene Gun Method

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Gene Gun Method Mean?

The gene gun method is a method used for genetically modifying plants.

With the use of a gene gun, the gene gun method delivers extra DNA directly into a plant’s nucleus. The method is also commonly called particle acceleration or microprojectile bombardment.

The gene gun can be used on seedlings or tissue culture cells. Prior to injecting the DNA into the plant tissue via the gene gun, either microscopic gold or tungsten particles are liberally coated with many hundreds of copies of genes. The particles are then forced into the nucleus with the gene gun.


Maximum Yield Explains Gene Gun Method

The gene gun has revolutionized the genetic modification of plants. The first gene gun method of DNA modification was developed in 1980. The process relied on a 22-caliber cartridge to shoot the gene-coated metal particles into the plant’s cell.

Nowadays, modern versions of the gene gun operate differently. The modernized gene gun depends on a vacuum chamber and high-pressure gas to hurl the metal particles into the plant cells.

With each firing of the gene gun, the pressurized gas is released in a sudden popping burst and the gene coated metal particles fire into the cells.

The gene gun is highly effective at modifying the DNA and genetics of plant cells.

Genetic modification in plants can make them resistant to drought, disease, and pests. It also helps create a more nutritious edible plant with higher levels of proteins.



Particle Acceleration, Microprojectile Bombardment

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