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What Does Growroom Mean?

A growroom (also expressed as two words: grow room) is an indoor room/location that has been dedicated and designed, with the associated infrastructure, to be used for environmentally controlled horticulture.

A complete growroom system includes grow light fixtures, temperature and moisture control, ventilation and odor control, and hydroponic systems for plant production, ensuring lighting, temperature, and humidity levels are easy to control and maintain. A sealed and controlled ventilation system ensures the complete environmental control and independence of a growroom.

Growrooms are used extensively for the personal and commercial cultivation of cannabis.

Growroom filled with cannabis plants


Maximum Yield Explains Growroom

The term growroom sprung out of marijuana culture and referred to a safe and secure indoor space where a crop can be grown without suspicion. Since then, the meaning has expanded to refer to any indoor space for any type of indoor garden.

A basement or cellar is a great location for a grow room because it already has thick, insulated walls, little outside light coming in, and is relatively out of the way of the everyday living space. Because a basement is often semi-underground, it’s also at a relatively stable temperature and easier and cheaper to heat.

The first thing to consider when building a growroom are the materials being used. The walls can’t be made of drywall or any other material that is subject to mold or mildew from the humidity produced by the garden.

A growroom must also have flooring that can withstand the water that is certain to drip from pots or grow trays. A good growroom should also be able to accommodate the grow light fixtures, which are central to indoor gardening, as well as be well-ventilated and have a solution in place for any odor seeping out of the room.

Serious cannabis growers often set up two or more growrooms to rotate plants in different stages of growth, e.g., one growroom is filled with plants in the vegetative stage while another growroom is filled with plants in the flowering stage. Each growroom is fine tuned to the various needs of each growth stage.

A growroom differs from a greenhouse, which isn't completely sealed, and also differs from a grow tent, which can be thought of as a portable growroom.

The advantages of growing in a grow room rather than a greenhouse is that the light, temperature, and humidity are all easier to control and maintain. They are perfect for conventional or hydroponic small-space gardening.

Growrooms may also be referred to as indoor gardens, indoor farms, or sometimes plant factories.

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