Pebbled Reflector

Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Pebbled Reflector Mean?

A pebbled reflector disperses light without losing any of the light’s intensity. The pebbled reflector is used in coordination with grow lights to allow the light from the grow lights to evenly spread across the surface of the plant so that all area’s of the growing fauna receives light equally.

In general, a light reflector helps maximize the power of all grow lights being used without increasing the electricity consumption. The pebbled reflector will bounce the light’s rays from the walls of the growroom back onto the plants. Using a pebbled reflector often allows a grower to achieve 30 per cent more lighting evenly broadcast across their plants.

A pebbled light reflector features a hammered appearance instead of a smooth surface. Often the pebbled reflector is mounted on walls or as a light hood behind the grow light. The pebbled/hammered surface of the reflector’s material helps to better throw back the light at varying angles to flow across all valley’s of the plant's surface.


Maximum Yield Explains Pebbled Reflector

Handmade pebbled reflectors can be devised by crinkling aluminum foil. However, there are numerous commercial types and brands of pebbled reflectors available for purchase.

Without adequate lighting, a plant will not grow or produce buds. Generally, the brighter the lighting the more a plant will thrive. A pebbled reflector increases the grow light’s intensity and allows the diffused light to flow directly onto the plants instead of being wasted on areas of the grow room’s interior such as the walls and ceiling.

The pebbled reflector allows the light’s rays to flow evenly over all areas of the growing plant so no region is left in the dark or shadows. This optimizes both growth, flower production, and bud formation for even greater yields.

Pebbled reflectors also frequently hold heat so can be used to warm up a cold grow room. If temperatures in the growroom are too high, air-cooled reflectors can also be used.


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