Leaf Shine

Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Leaf Shine Mean?

Leaf shine is a product that is commonly used by florists, nurseries, and garden retailers in order to make the leaves of a plant glimmer and shine. It is an externally applied product, meaning that it is applied to a plant's foliage, rather than applied to the root zone to get taken up by the roots.

Leaf shine contains no nutritional value, but it is said to prevent some types of pests from attacking leaves.


Maximum Yield Explains Leaf Shine

Leaf shine is a waxy product that is applied directly to plant leaves from either an aerosol can or a spray bottle. Once the product is applied, the leaves can be buffed and rubbed into a shiny gleam.

Leaf shine is most commonly used by florists in order to make their plants more attractive for sale. It is also used by the home gardener to keep their houseplants neat and shiny. Leaf shine can also help keep pests at bay by keeping the plant clean and shiny.

There are many commercially available leaf shines on the market, but a version can also be made by the home gardener. For example, a light coating of vegetable oil can be applied with a soft cloth, or the leaf can be shined by simple cleaning and lightly buffing it out.


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