Lumen Maintenance

What Does Lumen Maintenance Mean?

Lumen maintenance refers to the remaining luminous flux during the grow light’s operating time. Therefore, lumen maintenance draws a comparison between the light output from a new light source to the amount of light produced from the same source in the future. In horticultural light sources, LM-80 is used to measure the lumen maintenance of LED modules, packages and arrays.


Maximum Yield Explains Lumen Maintenance

Lumen maintenance is measured at different temperatures. The different techniques used for lumen maintenance are:

  • Manual verification: In this case, photometers are used to manually verify the levels of light in a particular space. Afterward, the photometers are adjusted to meet the different lighting requirements.
  • Connecting dimming ballasts: Dimming ballasts are connected to an energy or light management system. This system is tuned to the lamps’ expected depreciation and the energy management system maintains the proper lighting levels by redirecting the ballast output.
  • Photoreceptors: In these cases, ballasts are attached directly to the photoreceptors in order to control the voltage output according to the pre-set level of luminance.

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