Double-Ended Reflector (DE Reflector)

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Double-Ended Reflector (DE Reflector) Mean?

A double-ended reflector (DE reflector) is a metallic shroud or shield that reflects the light produced from the bulb of a double-ended or “DE” lamp downwards onto the items below.

DE reflectors are commonly used in indoor, greenhouse, and hydroponic gardening. They are also sometimes referred to as DE hoods, or simply, grow light hoods. The aluminum that makes up the reflector can be a smooth or a textured surface.


Maximum Yield Explains Double-Ended Reflector (DE Reflector)

DE lighting systems use a high-intensity bulb with connectors on either end that snap the bulb into place on the double-ended reflector. This is opposed to the single-ended system in which an Edison-style bulb is screwed into a socket. If you are using double-ending lighting and opt to use reflectors (as is recommended in almost all scenarios), a compatible DE reflector will have to be used.

The bulbs of a DE lighting system run between 750-1,000 watts, but are very efficient to operate. A double-ended reflector intensifies and concentrates the lighting onto the objects or plants it is illuminating instead of allowing the light to bounce up towards the ceiling where it is of little use.

DE reflectors and lights can be strung into a line that operates from one electrical source, making set up easier. The reflector and light combination produces and concentrates more ultraviolet and infrared light for the plants because they operate at a higher frequency than SE (single-ended lighting).

Double-ended reflectors come in a variety of styles and sizes, including adjustable-wing style reflectors, air-cooled models, and non-air-cooled, but all work on the same principle of reflecting and concentrating the light downward.

Because they concentrate and intensify the light, double-ended reflectors make a grow lighting system more effective and cost efficient. Open-hood, non-vented reflectors will emit more heat from the lamp than the air-cooled models, so this is something to keep in mind when designing your room.


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