Square Wave Technology

What Does Square Wave Technology Mean?

In horticulture, square wave technology exposes the plants to more light photons by illuminating them with maximum voltage for a longer period of time. As a result, square wave technology has been shown to significantly enhance the performance of any DE lamps. With square wave technology, the lamps produce a steadier and more even stream in the arc tubes.


Maximum Yield Explains Square Wave Technology

As a result of the ability of the lamps to provide a steady power supply, plants are exposed to an even spectral output of light. Square wave technology also protects the lamps from premature failure by preventing constant lamp restarts through color shifts. This technology has been shown to be particularly efficient with double-ended HPS bulbs.

Square wave ballasts can run at approximately 120hz which can boost the plant’s growth and development. Because the plants are exposed to more photons, there’s no need for RF interference as this decreased stress put on the fixture. This not only allows the lamps to run cooler but largely improve their performances.


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