Solar Greenhouse

Last updated: November 21, 2018

What Does Solar Greenhouse Mean?

Unlike regular greenhouses, solar greenhouses enable gardeners to grow out-of-season vegetables and fruits since the solar greenhouses retain solar heat.

Solar greenhouses are normally oriented towards the south in order to maximize heat absorption. Economical and sustainable, these types of greenhouses are also enhanced with fans to maintain an even temperature, preventing the plants from becoming overheated. Their function is primarily to deliver water and store and harvest plants. According to botanists, solar greenhouses can last forever, as long as they’re probably cared for.


Maximum Yield Explains Solar Greenhouse

Solar greenhouses were first developed in the 1970s during the oil crises. The first solar greenhouse was built in China and measured 80 times larger than the biggest glass greenhouse in the world. According to botanical experiments in China, solar greenhouses can be used to successfully grow warmth-loving plants even in freezing conditions.

In most cases, the southern side of the solar greenhouse is made entirely of transparent materials such as plastic foil. The thermal mass of the building traps this heat and gently diffuses it across the plants after sunset. Some gardeners like to roll out an insulating sheet made of canvas, pressed grass, or straws across the plastic foil in order to boost the greenhouse’s insulating capacity. This is more common in colder and windier regions.


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