Lighting Watts

Last updated: February 25, 2019

What Does Lighting Watts Mean?

Lighting watts are used to determine the amount of lighting required in a farming area for maximum yield. Identifying and calculating the lighting watts required per square foot is part of the standard operating procedure for larger and enclosed growing spaces like greenhouses. There are several factors that determine the required lighting watts for the desired yield.


Maximum Yield Explains Lighting Watts

The number of lighting watts required in a growing area depends on things like the plant type, the growth phase of the plant and total area used to grow the plant. For larger grower areas, more lighting watts is recommended as ideal lighting watt is directly related to the mass of the plant.

Additionally, the presence of adequate light determines the speed of the photosynthesis process. Though lighting watts is important things like the duration, amount and color of light also affect the plant growth rate. For example, in greenhouse lighting, LED lights are common.

Good lighting speeds up metabolism and the process of photosynthesis for plants, ensuring increased yields. So, calculating the desired lighting watts mimics the sun rays color and intensity is ideal.


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