Living Wall

Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Living Wall Mean?

A living wall is a wall that is entirely covered with plant material. A living wall can include one that has ivy or vines growing over it, or one that is covered with potted plants that have been attached to the structure in order to create a vertical garden.

Living walls are becoming more popular in architecture as more people are rushing to increase the amount of green space they have in their lives. They are common sights in airports and shopping malls.


Maximum Yield Explains Living Wall

Many people don’t like the sight of a solid exterior wall comprised of concrete blocks or wood, so they will use plants suitable for creating a living wall. However, living walls are also commonly found indoors as well.

Outdoors, some ivy such as Boston or Irish ivies don’t require any additional support and can easily cling to the rough surface of a concrete or brick wall. Honeysuckle and bittersweet can also create a living wall, but they require wires to be suspended so that they have something to cling on to.

For indoor living wlalls, flowers, succulents, and grasses are all used to beautify a space and are easy to control. There are also many vertical gardening pots that are designed specifically for creating a living wall. They may attach individually to the surface or be free-standing.

While many living walls are created using vines or blooming plants, a gardener can also easily grow certain vegetables on a living wall. Lettuce, beans, and kale all do exceptionally well in a vertical garden that has been set up to be used as a living wall.

Living walls pose some challenges, such as irrigation techniques, as well as adding too much weight to a structure. That's why living walls must be carefully planned before their construction is executed.


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