Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Olla Mean?

Ollas are terracotta pots, often unglazed, with short, wide necks and even wider bases. They are used as an alternative to drip irrigation systems in your garden.

Originally used as in Latin America for cooking, Ollas for irrigation purposes are partially buried in the garden bed where they slow-release water into the bed. Ollas aid in water conservation while introducing moisture directly into the ground.


Maximum Yield Explains Olla

Ready-made Olla watering systems are readily available in most stores, but it is quite easy to make your own by using clay pots that allow the water to easily seep through.

When buying the pots, it is important to look for pots with a glazed top, which reduces evaporation. The posts should also be connected to a water source to keep the flow going.

This particular watering technique has been shown to be particularly beneficial to gardeners who face regular watering restrictions. Instead of flooding the plants with water all at once, the water seeps out the sides of the unglazed container by osmosis.

It’s best to use Ollas in soil-bed gardens since containers have a tendency to dry out within a few hours. Growers should check on their Olla pots at least a couple of times per week, depending on their climate and the growth rate of their plants.


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