Compost Tea

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Compost Tea Mean?

Compost tea is a concentrated organic liquid fertilizer that is made from steeping biologically active compost in aerated water. Compost tea is nutritionally rich and can help provide plants with beneficial soil bacteria.

A compost tea is generally produced by combining one volume of compost material with several volumes of water. This type of liquid fertilizer can be administered to plants with a sprayer or by drenching the soil surrounding the plants.


Maximum Yield Explains Compost Tea

When a compost tea is created, aged compost is mixed with water and allowed to sit for three to four days while being aerated or regularly stirred. This mixture is then strained through a fine mesh-like material to separate the liquid from the solid materials. The solids can be reused to create more compost or compost tea, while the liquid is mixed and diluted with more water. The resulting compost tea can then be administered by pouring it around the root system at the base of the plant or it can be sprayed directly onto the leaves.

Compost tea can be made from several different materials. These materials can include plant trimmings, coffee, tea, and egg shells. Although compost teas are as beneficial as regular compost, there is no consensus on compost tea being better or more beneficial than regular compost.


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