Hoop House

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Hoop House Mean?

A hoop house is a type of greenhouse that’s built using a hooping or bending system. A hoop house can be as small as a cold frame structure hooped over a few garden rows in a backyard, or as big as a full sized, fully functional, commercial greenhouse.


Maximum Yield Explains Hoop House

There are many types of hoop houses ranging from the homemade bent cattle panel over a wooden frame to professional models using an interlocking system of aircraft-quality PVC pipes. However, the concept remains the same. A hoop house is a rounded, gently bending structure attached to a frame, rather than the old-fashioned solid glass or Plexiglas structure.

Some hoop houses are permanent growing structures with heating and venting systems, while others are temporary structures intended only to protect plants during the cool nights of spring. Many garden centers and retailers use hoop houses in this manner.

The advantages of a hoop house are many; they are easy to assemble, durable, and can be built in any number of sizes.


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