Kratky Method

Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Kratky Method Mean?

The Kratky Method is a hydroponic growing technique developed by B.A. Kratky at the University of Hawaii. This method is unlike other hydroponic techniques in that it has no water aeration, no active water movement, and no changing of nutrient solution. As such, the Kratky Method of hydroponics is one of the most simple systems to build and set up.


Maximum Yield Explains Kratky Method

The Kratky method is a simple system that would be well-suited to gardeners experimenting with hydroponics. This method of hydroponics works in a similar method to deep water culture systems, but it does not require as much equipment or materials. In the Kratky method, plants are placed in a net pot with a growing medium and then placed into a reservoir. The reservoir is then filled with conditioned water and a nutrient solution until the mix covers the bottom of the net pot. As the plant grows, it will absorb water while simultaneously growing roots into water. Then, as the water level declines, plant roots will be exposed to much-needed oxygen.

Although the Kratky method is a simple and easily set up system, it is not without its flaws. The first issue with the Kratky method is that it is only good for growing leafy greens such as lettuce and spinach; flowering and fruiting plants like tomatoes and cucumbers cannot be grown with this method. This is because the Kratky method is not enough to fulfill the nutrient and water requirement of these plants. Additionally, gardeners using this method should be attentive to water quality and water pH. Since water is not replaced or adjusted in the reservoir, it is important to start the process with very high-quality water.


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