Thermal Weed Control

Last updated: November 22, 2021

What Does Thermal Weed Control Mean?

Thermal weed control is a flash-burn method used for killing weeds. It is done through the use of a torch in order to damage or kill the leaf membranes of weeds.

By burning the leaves, thermal weed control shuts down a plant’s ability of photosynthesize and essential kills it.


Maximum Yield Explains Thermal Weed Control

Flame technology has been around for years and is used for many things, including weed and pest control, and sterilization.

Thermal weed control involves the use of a propane torch or nozzle. This gives the user some control over what plants are targeted and what are not. It is normally used on tough-to-kill weeds like thistle or dock that have deep taproots, which are difficult to dig out.

Thermal weed control devices can either include a backpack and hand-operated torch, or there are machine models available that have multiple flame nozzles.

This type of organic weed control is popular as an environmentally friendly way to kill weeds on organic farms, but is also used by conventional agribusinesses. Thermal weed control should be carried out using the right safety equipment, and never in the heat of summer or on a windy day.


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