Bubbler Hydroponics

Last updated: May 14, 2021

What Does Bubbler Hydroponics Mean?

A bubbler is a device used in a deep water culture (DWC) hydroponic system to create oxygen in the nutrient solution. Although the term is used specifically for the equipment, it has led to this form of hydroponics being called bubbler hydroponics or a bubble system.

In other words, a deep water culture system is a system in which an aerator (bubbler) is used to add oxygen to a water and nutrient solution in which plant roots are suspended in.

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Maximum Yield Explains Bubbler Hydroponics

Plants need several things in order to thrive. They need light. They need water. They need nutrients. However, they also need oxygen. This fact is often overlooked in the world of hydroponics. While plants can obtain some of the oxygen they require from the water itself, oxygen levels will eventually become depleted. This results in slower growth, or even declining health for your plants in severe instances. Bubbler hydroponics, or deep water culture (DWC) as it’s commonly called, helps avoid this.

Bubbler hydroponics refers to a system that adds more oxygen to the water and nutrient solution in which your plants grow. Think of it as being similar to the air stone used in a fish tank. In hydroponics, you have a bubbler (air stone) set on the bottom of the growing container. It is connected to an infusion pump, which continually pumps air into the stone. This air is then released into the water/nutrient solution to bolster plant growth.

In addition to increasing dissolved oxygen in the water, a bubbler also keeps the solution moving. Nutrients and oxygen are recirculated throughout the container, creating more stable temperatures, as well as balanced pH levels for healthier plants.

However, bubbler systems can create problems. One of those is adding too much oxygen in the water, which can damage delicate plant roots. They can also be prone to algae growth in the nutrient reservoir, and if there is not enough bubbling, nutrients can fall out of suspension, depriving your plants of nutrition.


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