Digital Inverter Compressor

What Does Digital Inverter Compressor Mean?

In greenhouses, the digital inverter compressor regulates humidity levels and usage patterns to save energy. This allows growers to cut back on their energy bills. With a digital inverter compressor, plants are exposed to more consistent temperatures, especially when compared to reciprocal compressors. Inverter compressor outdoor units usually display split heat pump systems that provide both cooling and heating effects.


Maximum Yield Explains Digital Inverter Compressor

Some digital inverter systems come with built-in condensate drain pans, which eliminates having to replace indoor filters. Most air conditioners with digital inverter systems have an outdoor cooling temperature that ranges between -13°F and 122°F, while the heating temperature lies between -13°F and 86°F.

Certain models offer two, three or even four-ton models that feature indoor heads ranging between 9,000 and 24,000 BTU.


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