Screen of Green (SCROG)

Last Updated: July 30, 2018

Definition - What does Screen of Green (SCROG) mean?

Often abbreviated as SCROG, a screen of green is an indoor growing technique used to maximize yields while reducing energy use and waste. It is usually combined with the sea of green technique to improve growing results.

MaximumYield explains Screen of Green (SCROG)

Indoor gardening can allow you to grow plants that would not otherwise survive in your geographic area, as well as to enjoy the benefits of hydroponic gardening and to maximize yield. However, it does come with some drawbacks. For instance, vertical growing may not be optimal for your growing area. In this case, incorporating a screen allows you to train your plants to grow horizontally, or at an angle.

Called a screen of green, this method relies on the use of a metal screen, often chicken wire or another lightweight metal or plastic screen or grid-like structure. It is placed over the seedlings as they begin to sprout, and the plants are allowed to grow into the screen and through the holes. Once they have grown through the holes in the screen, you pull the tops back through (under) a nearby hole, and allow the plant to grow horizontally once more. This process repeats as often as needed to train the plant to grow in the direction desired.

Once plants have been trained to grow horizontally, they form a thick upper canopy that prevents light from penetrating the leaves below. It also helps foster better airflow around the plant stems, controlling moisture and combating mold and mildew. Growers can then thin or trim the lower canopy (lower leaves, sprouts, or shoots). By trimming these parts from plants, it encourages all growth to focus on the leaves in the upper canopy, resulting in larger yields and better overall growth for the plants.

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