Pistillate Flower

Last updated: August 29, 2018

What Does Pistillate Flower Mean?

A pistillate flower is a type of unisexual flower. To understand pistillate flower it is important to understand that each flower has a stamen and a pistil and this makes each flower perfect. But there are some flowers with just stamens and pistils and these are unisexual flowers. Pistillate flowers, in particular, are ones with only pistils and no stamen.


Maximum Yield Explains Pistillate Flower

There are around 30 percent of plant species that have unisexual flowers. This means that pistillate or staminate flowers can only be expressed in around 30 percent of plant species while around 70 percent of species have perfect flowers.

Also known as an imperfect flower, pistillate flowers can either independently exist in plants or it can coexist with staminate flowers. Independent occurence of pistillate flowers in plants is described as monoecious and when pistillate and staminate flowers coexist in a plant it is known as dioecious. These flowers are important for certain species and they do not intervene with pollination and fertilization of these plants.


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