Bisexual flower

Definition - What does Bisexual flower mean?

A bisexual flower is a flower that contains both male flowers and female buds. The male flower can be identified as a small ball on the end of a string, until it opens up into a small yellow flower. The female bud can be identified first as a small white hair inside of a crystal covered pistil. When both of these characteristics are identified on a single plant, that plant is known to have bisexual flower.

MaximumYield explains Bisexual flower

When flowers of this type are found on plants, those plants are either pulled and disposed of so as not to spread hermaphroditic pollen, or are pulled ineffectively and get pollen all over the place. It has been proven that seeds gathered from a hermaphrodite will have 33% male offspring, 33% female offspring and 33% hermaphrodite offspring on average.

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