Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Clay Mean?

Clay is a fine-grained, sticky stone earth material that occurs naturally. When it's wet, clay can be molded into many useful products. It can either be dried naturally using the sun or it can be fired in extreme temperatures where it hardens into a strong and long-lasting building material.

There are many types of clay, but all are similar in the regard that they derive plasticity when wet, but dry into a strong, hard building material.

Because of its versatility and pliability there are many, many uses for clay. In hydroponics, clay pebbles can be used as a grow medium to help anchor plants in their nutrient solution.


Maximum Yield Explains Clay

Clay is common to the landscape, but is most often formed into bricks or blocks that are used in the construction of walkways, patios, and driveways. It is also used to form clay pots and planters that can be set on a deck or patio.

Clay bricks can be molded together using an adhesive and are used to construct everything from homes to sheds, silos, and even barns and businesses. Clay is also used to make terracotta shingles that are used on homes, primarily in more arid climates.

Clay is also used to create adobe, cordwood, rammed earth structures, cob, and wattle and dab. It can be used to as a plaster or mortar for brick chimneys and stone walls. Clay is also utilized in paint form and as a ceramic building material.

Clay derives its binding properties and plasticity from it’s composite of minerals and is one of the oldest building materials on earth.


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