Vase Life

Last updated: November 22, 2021

What Does Vase Life Mean?

Vase life refers to the length of time that a bouquet or any bunch of cut flowers retains their appeal and aesthetic value, especially when sitting in stagnant water.

Delicate flowers like roses tend to wither within a few days, so they have a short vase life, whereas carnations have a longer vase life, lasting up to several weeks if cared for properly.

There are many ways people extend the vase life of their freshly cut flowers.


Maximum Yield Explains Vase Life

One of the easiest ways to lengthen a plant’s vase life is to cut the flowers right after the bud stage, before the petals completely open to display the pollen. Using this method, the flowers will get a chance to mature in the vase instead of immediately wilting.

Additionally, you can also cut the stems at an angle to prevent them from absorbing too much water. Placing the flowers directly into cold water has also been shown to extend the flower’s lifespan.

It’s also important to strip off the leaves from the stem since these tend to house quite a lot of bacteria and bugs, which can consequently speed up the wilting process.

More ways to extend vase life is to add the recommended nutrient feed that is often supplied with the fresh flowers, keep water levels topped up, and expose the vase to sunlight. Make sure to read up on the specific needs of the flowers you have on display. Some are pickier than others!


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