Uneven Span Greenhouse

Last updated: November 21, 2018

What Does Uneven Span Greenhouse Mean?

An uneven-span greenhouse is a greenhouse with one roof slope longer than the other. This is generally an adaptation of a regular greenhouse when it is situated on a a hilly terrain or to take advantage of solar angles.

In uneven-span greenhouses, the roof is not equal in width or pitch, thus the name, and the steeper angle faces the south. The side that faces the south side is transparent, while the other side that faces the north is opaque for energy conservation.

Uneven-span greenhouses are not as common anymore, as the majority of today's greenhouses are being built on flat lands.


Maximum Yield Explains Uneven Span Greenhouse

Many factors must be taken into consideration when constructing a greenhouse. Various elements must be looked at for greenhouse design and technology selection before building can begin. According to required functions, greenhouse styles can vary from small, stand-alone structures to large, gutter-connected greenhouses. There are many designs and structures to choose from, such as uneven-span greenhouses and even-span greenhouses. Accordingly, they all have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The pros of having an uneven-span greenhouse are that they work very well on the hillsides. The longer side of the roof allows more sunlight to enter the greenhouse without being obstructed by the side walls or rafters. This is due to the fact that the longer side of the roof faces the south, which then maximizes the heat rays from the sun.

Meanwhile, the cons of having an uneven-span greenhouse are that they are more costly when compared to a hoop house or an even-span greenhouse. They require more support on the roof since it is slanted and long. This also makes the roof harder to maintain over time. Due to the longer roof, uneven-span greenhouses located in regions close to the equator may allow too much solar energy to penetrate.


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