Definition - What does Sill mean?

The sill of a greenhouse is a part of its foundation. A sill is an area where the walls of the greenhouse are attached to the foundation.

A variety of materials can be used to create the sill, but ideally the sill should be constructed of naturally rot-resistant woods such as cedar, cypress, redwood, or a plastic composite lumber.

Sometimes, especially with prefabricated greenhouses, the sills are also constructed from aluminum, fiberglass, or metal.

MaximumYield explains Sill

Sills should measure approximately 2 inches by 4 inches. The sill is an important buffer between the concrete foundation and floor of the greenhouse and the walls. It helps reduce heat loss.

Sills are also used on greenhouses that do not have foundations. In such construction plans, the sill is affixed to the side posts of the greenhouse. The side posts go into the ground and the sills are placed between the side posts at ground level. The walls of the greenhouse are then attached to the polls and the sills.

The sill then acts as a buffer between the ground and the walls of the greenhouse.

In such greenhouse construction plans, the sill also serves as an important component of the greenhouse frame. The sills provide support to the walls and the corners of the greenhouse, which is extremely important if there is no foundation.

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