What Does Sashbar Mean?

In gardening, the sash bar refers to the bar that keeps the glass attached to a greenhouse. Perfect for growing plants in all conditions, greenhouses are made by putting together various components, each of which has a particular role to play in the plant's development and growth. Before building a greenhouse, it is important to determine the length in advance in order to properly structure sash bar spacing.


Maximum Yield Explains Sashbar

Some gardeners opt for larger glass panes to minimize the number of sash bars they will need. These parts run perpendicular and are attached to the greenhouse’s purlins. Their primary function is to ensure that the glazing stays in place. In some cases, the sash bars are linked to a channel or a drip groove to catch any condensation that may form inside the glass panes.

Sash bars are commonly wooden or aluminum. Sash bar caps are screwed to the bars to secure the glass panels.


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