Pressuring Fan

Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Pressuring Fan Mean?

A pressure fan is a form of forced ventilation inside a greenhouse. As a greenhouse is a regulated and enclosed growing environment, it requires ventilation to achieve the desired plant growth. Pressure fans can manage the airflow inside the greenhouse during all seasons. These can be used for heating, cooling or ventilation depending on the season or requirement.


Maximum Yield Explains Pressuring Fan

A greenhouse is often a large facility and regulating the temperature within it can be a challenge. The temperature inside and outside the greenhouse is always different regardless of the season. Pressure fans are a great way to balance the indoor and outdoor temperature transitions. These fans are more efficient than exhaust fans for greenhouses that are 100 feet or shorter. This is a good growing environment for shorter plants and conducive environment for tall plants.

Fans are placed on the highest points at each side of the greenhouse and are responsible for blowing air throughout the enclosure. It is important to note that the pressure fans on each side of the greenhouse have separate thermostats and are set to different temperatures.

Given that the fans are constantly blowing air, a protective baffle needs to be placed to protect the plants from the air and the exterior of the fan need to have a protective guard to keep it from blowing external elements such as rainwater into the greenhouse.


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