Methyl Bromide

Definition - What does Methyl Bromide mean?

Methyl bromide is a restricted use pesticide that was introduced in 1932 and first registered in the United States in 1961. The chemical is a colorless, odorless, non flammable gas. It is in products such as Celfume, Brom-o-Gas, MeBr, MB, Embafume, Zytox, Terr-o-Gas, and Methogas.

The EPA has scheduled a phaseout of the pesticide by the year 2000. It is classified as an ozone-depleting chemical and is under the Clean Air Act. It is often used as a gas fumigant against rodents, weeds, termites, insects, soil-borne diseases, and nematodes.

MaximumYield explains Methyl Bromide

Almost 70% of methyl bromide in the US is used in pesticides. It is toxic to humans, animals, and the ecosystem. It is a volatile liquid or a colorless gas. Methyl bromide is a cell growth stimulant and potential carcinogenic.

It's used as a fumigant to deter pests. When used on the soil, about 50 to 59 percent of it escapes into the atmosphere.

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