Matrix Force

What Does Matrix Force Mean?

Matrix force is the action between water and soil when you water plants. When you water plants, the water first comes in contact with the soil that your crop is planted inside. The interaction between the water molecules and the soil surface triggers surface tension, which in turn, causes a need for a force to break the tension. This process is known as matrix force.


Maximum Yield Explains Matrix Force

The matrix force is related to the water absorption ability of plants. When a plant is watered, the soil's capacity or matrix is responsible for the amount of that is absorbed and the capillarity of water in the soil. The matrix force is responsible for ensuring that the water supply adequately reaches the plants and supports with plant nutrition.

In botany, the water potential is measured to keep track of the factors that affect the plant watering process. It also helps ensure the adequacy of the water supply based on the plant's demands.

Matrix forces such as osmosis, gravity and mechanical pressure are measured by water potential. Temperature and terrain can alter these factors. As a result, matrix force is the key to understanding the potential of water for proper plant care through adequate water supply.


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