Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Headhouse Mean?

A headhouse refers to the work center that is normally found in the majority of commercial greenhouses.

Headhouses provide excellent areas for shipping, transplanting, and potting. In some cases, larger-scale headhouses are used to connect different greenhouses together, which makes it easier and quicker for workers to access different areas.

The environmental conditions in a headhouse are intended for human comfort, and therefore might be slightly different than the environmental conditions the plants are growing in.


Maximum Yield Explains Headhouse

The headhouse’s placement and location in a greenhouse is quite important since it basically acts as a support system to the greenhouse. Experts recommend that you choose an area north of the main greenhouse to provide the plants with minimal shade. If erected in other locations, the headhouse may disrupt the plants’ growth by blocking the sunlight.

When building a headhouse, it is also important to install underground piping as well as a draining system to remove melted snow and rainwater.

Commercial headhouses are often categorized into departments such as work areas, cold storage, supply storage, as well as pesticide storage. As far as the walls are concerned, it is recommended to go for four to six inches of insulation to help you save up on heating costs while providing your plants with the best possible ventilation during summer.


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