Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Glasshouse Mean?

A glasshouse is nothing more than a greenhouse–an exterior structure used for growing plants, covered with a translucent material, and usually containing some sort of heat source. This term is more commonly used in Europe and the UK, rather than in the US, where “greenhouse” is the more commonly used term.


Maximum Yield Explains Glasshouse

If you’re interested in growing plants year-round, without your efforts being curtailed by Mother Nature’s insistence that fall follows summer, and winter follows fall, then the concept of a glasshouse is one you should explore.

Most commonly used in Europe, the term glasshouse simply means greenhouse, and applies to pretty much any exterior building covered with a translucent material and containing an artificial heat source, used for growing plants. If heating is sufficient, the structure might also be called a hothouse. The purpose is to provide a protected environment that allows plants to enjoy a longer growing season.

A glasshouse can be virtually any size and shape. While rectangular buildings are the most common, there are also bubble-shaped structures, such as the Eden Project in Cornwall, England. However, any glasshouse should have transparent material covering the sides and roof. In some cases, this may be actual glass, but plastic is more common today. Plastic coverings might include Plexiglas or a similar material, but transparent plastic sheeting is more affordable (and more common) for home growers.

Within a glasshouse, the environment should be adjusted to your particular gardening needs. You might grow plants right in the ground, or you might have a series of raised tables or benches for container gardening. A glasshouse is also well-suited for an aquaponics system, or for a combination hydroponics system that includes both aquaponics and container, square foot, or vertical gardening concepts.


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