Foliage Plants

What Does Foliage Plants Mean?

Before defining foliage plants it is important to note the definition of foliage. Foliage is used to describe a collection of leaves. As a result, the term foliage plant is usually used to describe green plants with ornament-like leaves. Given that our modern day lives leave us craving for clean air quality, foliage plants are a great addition to improve the air quality of our homes, making foliage plants popular among indoor plant options.


Maximum Yield Explains Foliage Plants

Just like any other plants, foliage plants have a few basic requirements for proper growth. The sunlight available needs to be optimal for photosynthesis. The foliage plant environment needs to have required humidity for the plant you are trying to grow. Since the leaves of foliage plants are sensitive to temperature, it is important to ensure the leaves are not exposed to extreme heat or cold temperatures and are able to grow in ideal controlled temperatures. Last but not the least, the watering of foliage plant is vital for its growth and function.

These plants can act as natural filters against bad air quality and help build a healthier home environment. This is why foliage plants are often opted as indoor plants. While choosing a foliage plant it is important to understand the nature of the plant and the way the leaves will react to seasonal changes. The information can be used to ensure indoor foliage plants, in particular, are evergreen.


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