Floor Heating

Last updated: March 26, 2019

What Does Floor Heating Mean?

Floor heating systems, or radiant heating systems, are used in greenhouses to help ensure year-round growth is possible. These systems can be installed in or over many types of flooring, including concrete, and under wood flooring or expanded metal panels.


Maximum Yield Explains Floor Heating

The point of a greenhouse is to enable the growing of plants in all seasons. Greenhouses provide shelter from wind, frost, and other natural elements that can kill plants, but steps must be taken to maintain the right growing temperature inside the structure. During the warmer months of the year, cooling is important, as is moisture removal and air circulation.

However, during the fall and winter months, heating must be provided. There are many ways to achieve this, but floor heating (radiant heating) is becoming more popular thanks to the uniform heating it provides, as well as the gentleness of the heating when compared to the use of other heating systems.

Radiant floor heating is a simple concept. A series of pipes is installed under or within the flooring material itself. These pipes usually form a closed loop, beginning and ending with a pump and a supply of water. The water is heated and then pumped through the pipes to warm them. The hot water within the pipes warms the air above the floor, and, because hot air rises, it also gently warms the rest of the air above the floor. As it rises, it cools and becomes denser, sinking back to the floor once more, where it is reheated to start the process again.

Floor heating systems are often affordable and can be installed under most any floor type in a greenhouse, including expanded metal grating, within concrete floors (requires installation at the time of construction) and under wood flooring or even within soil, as well.


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