Even Span Greenhouse

Last updated: November 21, 2018

What Does Even Span Greenhouse Mean?

An even-span greenhouse is a greenhouse that is constructed where the roof’s pitch is of both equal length and angle. This is in contrast to an uneven-span greenhouse.

There are two basic types of even-span greenhouses: American (also called high profile) and Dutch Venlo (also called low profile). American even-span greenhouses feature one large roof per structure. The roof has overlapping panes.

The Dutch even-span greenhouse boasts two small roofs per structure. The panes on the roof of a Dutch Venlo even-span greenhouse extend from the eave to the ridge. With the Dutch Venlo even-span greenhouse, there are no overlapping panes.


Maximum Yield Explains Even Span Greenhouse

An even-span greenhouse is one of the most popular greenhouse designs because of their relative ease of construction. The efficient design provides ample growing space and is generally less costly than other greenhouse shapes or forms.

Some even-span greenhouses are built as an attached structure that shares a wall with another building but, unlike a lean-to greenhouse, it still retains its own symmetrical roof. Such a design is even more economical to construct.

Even-span greenhouses may also feature curved eaves to create a more visually appealing architectural appearance. Prefabricated even-span greenhouses are widely available for purchase.


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