Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Eave Mean?

The eave of a building is the bottom portion of a roof that overhangs a wall. The most popular greenhouse style nowadays is a high eave greenhouse design. Of course, there are elliptically modeled greenhouses as well, but for this we will focus on the greenhouse design that has a high eave, or even a flush eave, design. This style does not overhang the wall at all, and is in fact watertight without wasting material by going further than it has to.


Maximum Yield Explains Eave

Eaves, or soffits as they are sometimes called, are not popular in areas that have a high risk for fire, as the fire easily clumps beneath the eaves and is more likely to catch the portion of the roof which overhangs the outer wall on fire. Therefore, the recessed eave, or flush eave, design is better for these areas. As there is no part of the roof structure that protrudes from a high eave greenhouse, this makes it also ideal for areas where there is higher mph winds than normal.


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