Cut Flowers

What Does Cut Flowers Mean?

As the name suggests, a cut flower is a flower or bud that is cut from its bearing plant. Cut flowers are mainly used for decorative purposes and florists enjoy the economic benefits of cut flowers. Since cut flowers are a global industry there are dedicated individuals or companies in various countries that focus on cut flower farming.


Maximum Yield Explains Cut Flowers

The yield of cut flowers can be maximized through a mastery of horticulture and floriculture. Once it is plucked or cut from its bearing plant the cut flowers require care. But even with optimal care, cut flowers will not last more than a few days as cutting them from their bearing plants robs the cut flowers of the nutrients that are vital for its growth and survival.

Despite being perishable in nature, there is a continued demand for cut flowers globally. Internationally cut flowers are commonly placed in vases, there is a huge demand for large scale decorative usage of cut flowers in Asian events.


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