Curtain Wall

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Curtain Wall Mean?

A curtain wall is part of a greenhouse. As the term suggests, it acts as an external curtain to ensure overall management of the greenhouse. There are fabric, plastic, glass, and aluminum curtain wall options available for greenhouse operators.

Curtain walls are also known as shades, blankets, and screens. Curtain walls are great for heat retention, shade, and cooling.


Maximum Yield Explains Curtain Wall

Curtain walls are a great for heat retention because they ensure the temperature in the greenhouse is maintained while protecting the greenhouse from the exterior climate and temperature, reducing the stress of the operating system.

The installation of curtain walls also help with shade and cooling by providing an option to protect the greenhouse from light and reducing cooling costs, both of which optimize the greenhouse functions while keeping the costs in check.

Some curtain walls can result in less than 1% light entering a grow room, which is ideal for light deprivation growers. Curtain walls are either external covers that are draped over a greenhouse's exterior, or they are installed within greenhouses.

The curtain walls can be installed as a gutter-to-gutter which ensures maximum volume coverage. Alternatively, the tuss-to-tuss system acts as a great way to provide clustered coverage. Given that greenhouses are heavily used in agriculture and the major cost of greenhouse management is attributed to temperature control (conduction heat loss), curtain walls are a great option to cut down costs.

Curtain walls are eco-friendly and they reduce costs, making them a sustainable addition to greenhouses.



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