Convection Heater

What Does Convection Heater Mean?

Often used in greenhouses, convection heaters can protect plants in winter by maintaining an adequate temperature for plant development and growth. Planters who live in a cold region should invest in a convection heater in order to protect plants from frostbite. In summer, these heaters have also been known to boost air circulation.


Maximum Yield Explains Convection Heater

Unlike other types of heaters, convection heaters can provide even heating across the greenhouse. Consequently, this eliminates the risks of cold spots and drafts. More importantly, the level of heat given by the heaters can be easily customized, based on your plants’ requirements. Most convection heaters are also known for their smooth operation.

In some cases, however, convection heaters may not be ideal for larger greenhouses since they rely on the air in the greenhouse. As a result, they are not entirely suitable for larger spaces as they may not provide sufficient heat. Convection heaters also use fans and if the fan fails, the apparatus may become over-heated, causing significant damage to the plants or greenhouse in general.


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