Definition - What does Conidiophore mean?

In botany, conidiophore are a hyphae that refers to the source of either one or a collection of conidia--asexual spore found in fungus. Conidiophores are filament which produce spores that host conidium when the epidermis splits. Before the development of molecular botany identification techniques, conidiophores were mainly used to identify species. Today, it is used for pest control.

MaximumYield explains Conidiophore

Conidiophores are a natural pest control for plants. Once this naturally-occurring fungus comes into contract with plants, it becomes a parasite. Conidiophores are often sprayed onto the plants.

After being sprayed on, insects and pests that come into contact with conidiophores, or feed onto it from the plant, cannot handle the contents and die within a few days. Given that conidiophores and this pest control method comes from a naturally-occurring fungus, it is also known as biological pest control.

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