Last updated: November 17, 2021

What Does Bullhead Mean?

Bullhead is a term used to describe the shape of particular flowers, specifically those that have a broad, blunt appearance. Note that this term can also apply to specific plants with flowers showing this formation, including the bullhead lily (yellow lily) and Tribulus terrestris (often called bullhead or goat’s head).


Maximum Yield Explains Bullhead

Flowers come in many different shapes, sizes and configurations. Some are large and beautiful, while others are small and compact. Some don’t even look like flowers. Bullhead flowers are those that have shorter petals in the center and longer petals to the outside of the structure. This gives the flower a flattened, blunt appearance. They are often broad in shape, as well.

Other flowers that have the term “bullhead” applied to them are those that have so many petals that it gives them a broad appearance, even if they do not have shorter central petals and longer outside petals.

The bullhead lily and Tribulus terrestris are two examples of bullhead flowers, but there are many others. Another example is Queen Anne’s Lace, or what some people dub “chigger weed”. Dahlias also fall into this category, as do thistles. Many wildflowers also have a bullhead appearance.


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