Last updated: November 17, 2021

What Does Bracteole Mean?

A bracteole is a small bract on a flower stem. A bracteole is a small leaf-like structure which subtends a flower or inflorescence. The stalk of the bracteole is itself subtended by a bract. The word bract comes from the latin for gold leaf, or bractea. A bract is a leaf-like structure from the axil out of which can grow a flower. The axil is a where new growth arises from the side of a stalk of the plant. It is angled, and where it diverges between the upper side of a branch, leaf of petiole, is just above the part of the stalk or branch from which it protrudes.


Maximum Yield Explains Bracteole

So the first axil grows off the main stem or stalk of the plant, then bracts are formed, followed by bracteoles, and finally followed by an inflorescence, or flower. These bracteoles and their development is important for determining bud size in marijuana plants before they are flowered, when they have only been sexed and have not yet been allowed to go through the full flowering phase. To determine what the potential size of your genetics will allow, examine the bracteole shortly after female cannabis plants have been sexed


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