What Does Loculus Mean?

In plant morphology, the term loculus or locule is used to describe the plural cavity, singular cavity, or compartment, that is found within the ovary of plants. The locule or loculus are found inside the carpel, anther or ovary of plants and they determine the number of carpels in the gynoecium of a plant.


Maximum Yield Explains Loculus

Given that locule or loculus are found in the ovary of gynoecium plants, loculus are present in all plants with ovaries. There are a few different classification of loculus in plants. Plants are either unilocular, bilocular, trilocular or multilocular. These loculus store the ovules or seeds within the fruit or plant.

For example, tomatoes can be bilocular or multilocular depending on the number of locules within the plant seed. If you cut open a tomato, the flesh sections divide the seed areas. The flesh sections surround the loculus or the seeds.


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