Flowering Stage

Last updated: May 14, 2021

What Does Flowering Stage Mean?

The flowering stage, sometimes known as blooming stage or fruiting stage, refers to the phase when plants produce their flower sets. Light level/duration and temperature affect the onset and speed of the flowering stage.

In cannabis cultivation, the flowering stage can begin between weeks 6-10 of its life cycle and typically last another 6-10 weeks depending on strain and growing environment. Growers will harvest their plants at the end of this stage. In general horticulture, the flowering stage includes the time when the plant begins to produce fruits and vegetables.

The flowering stage can be divided into three phases: early-flowering, mid-flowering and late-flowering. Other stages of a plant's lifecycle can include germination or propagation stage, seedling stage, and vegetative "veg" stage.

Flowering cannabis plantA cannabis plant in its early flowering stage.


Maximum Yield Explains Flowering Stage

The flowering stage is when plants invest all their energy towards the reproductive phase. The majority of plants reproduce by producing seeds in nuts, fruit, or flowers.

Temperature also plays a significant phase in a plant’s flowering stage. For example, it has been shown that colder temperatures can accelerate the flowering process. During colder months, the plants will also produce denser flowers as well as vegetables and fruits with a higher sugar content.

Different strains of marijuana will all have different flowering times, so it's best to research the strain you're planning on growing to know when to expect flowers and prepare for harvest.

Growers can control the different factors that cause a plant to flower regardless of the season. Known as flower forcing, this technique is commonly used in larger agricultural crops and involves adding nutrients such as plant growth regulators and bloom boosters. During the flowering stage, a cannabis plant's demand for potassium shoots way up, which is why many bloom boosters on the market contain high levels of potassium. (The K in N-P-K).

(To learn more, check out Transition to Bloom Phase: When & How to Switch)



Blooming Stage, Fruiting Stage

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