Last updated: November 22, 2021

What Does Tepal Mean?

The tepal is one of the outer parts of the flower. The etymology of the word comes from the French "tépale", which is a derivative of "pétale" and means "petal". In botany, the tepal is a component of the perianth. This is the outer whorl of flower parts. It is not involved in reproduction and this subdivision of the parianth can't be clearly differentiated into the calyx and corolla.


Maximum Yield Explains Tepal

Apart of the outer whorl of a flower, tepals can neither be classified as sepals nor as petals. Collectively, this part is known as the perianth. In the cannabis plant, the tepals are covered in trichomes on both sides. They can be a lighter color and almost whitish.

Tepals can be a lighter color and yellow, white or green in color. The tepal is equivalent to the sepal or the petal. Normally, the cannabis flower will have five tepals.


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