Last Updated: November 21, 2018

Definition - What does Androgynous mean?

Androgynous means having either indeterminate sex, or showing morphological characteristics of both sexes. In marijuana plants, this means hermaphroditic. A hermaphroditic plant will have both male flowers and female buds, and will self-pollinate. Hermaphroditic marijuana plants pose a challenge for cultivators in that only the female buds are sought, whereas the production of both male flowers, male pollen, and thus seeds halts resin production in favor of seed production within mature marijuana plants in the flowering phase. The type of marijuana that most cultivators cherish is called sinsemilla, which is Spanish for "without seed."

MaximumYield explains Androgynous

In order to properly cultivate this type of marijuana, hermaphroditic plants as well as male plants are uprooted and disposed of properly before the pollen sacs, or male flowers, are allowed to open and disperse pollen.Proper disposal of androgynous marijuana plants or male plants involves covering the entire plant with a plastic bag, or with something that will catch the pollen and stop it from dispersing, like a waxed paper bag, to break the stem, leaving the root ball and to either submerge, bury, or burn the resultant male plant. This ensures that no pollen gets on your sinsemilla crop.

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